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MŠire O'Shea
o.a.: Presenteren met passie
Michelle Boughton-Smith
o.a.: NLP voor zakelijk succes
MuriŽl Versluis
o.a.: Samenwerken en teambuilding
Conchita Wormer
o.a.: Time management
Shirley Klein
o.a.: Klantgerichte communicatie
Albert van der Loo
o.a.: Succesvol onderhandelen
Jan Peijen
o.a.: Leiderschapsvaardigheden
Wilma Gertenaar
o.a.: Zakelijke schrijfvaardigheid
Meike de Jong
Meike de Jong
o.a.: Presenteren met passie
Wim Hoek
o.a.: Professioneel e-mailen
Yvonne van der Pol
o.a.: Interculturele communicatie
Michael Karman-Neutel
o.a.: Conflicthantering en assertiviteit
Barbara Rogoski
o.a. Talk Like Ted
Colleen Reichrath-Smith:
Communication skills
Jackie van der Kroft
o.a. (interculturele) communicatie


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Communication for Career Advancement
(Personal Effectiveness)


Workshop: Communication for Career Advancement (Personal Effectiveness)

Communicating for career advancement requires a different set of skills than used in everyday interactions. It’s like speaking a different language to be able to:

- profile your strengths and skills clearly,
- express your desired direction and goals with success, and to
- listen for cues so you can adjust and target your responses effectively.

Communication abilities 

Today’s employees will have many more work transitions than their predecessors. The ability to effectively communicate abilities and desired direction is an essential skill for career advancement and success in this work dynamic. Without these abilities it is more likely employees will end up stagnated or stuck in their career.

This training teaches these three essential career communication skills, supporting people to reach their desired career goals through effectively presenting themselves and their skills at work and while networking.


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